Welcome to the Finish that book!
affiliate program.

We’re so glad to partner with you. This packet is designed to make your life easier and help increase your commissions.

Welcome to the Finish that book!
affiliate program.

We’re so glad to partner with you. This packet is designed to make your life easier and help increase your commissions.

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Finish that book! is a book-writing planning and productivity course for aspiring authors. With the right tools you can get your book finished—and written with excellence. This course shows you how.

Join book-writing expert Stacy Ennis in five video lessons:

  1. Book idea to publication overview
  2. Book-writing process
  3. Writing routines and productivity
  4. Creating a book-writing plan
  5. Making your book happen

The course includes a full workbook, bonus training, templates, resources, a private online community, and more. Learn a system that will empower you to finish your book and start receiving the benefits of authorship. Learn more and enroll here: (Insert unique link)

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Finish that Book! is a book planning and productivity course design to help aspiring authors complete high-quality books. With the right tools, I’m confident you’ll be able to reach your goal of finishing your book—without throwing your life into total chaos. Learn more: (Insert unique link)

Writing a book can feel daunting and lonely. Learn how to form a writing routine, create a writing space, and rally support from people in your life to help you accomplish your goal of finishing your book. Enroll here: (Insert unique link)

Learn how to set goals, create a writing schedule, and calendar out your writing plan in Finish that book!, an online course for aspiring authors. This course by book-writing expert Stacy Ennis includes a specific formula to understand and plan your book-writing milestones. Learn more: (Insert unique link)

Want to write a book? I want to share a course by author and ghostwriter Stacy Ennis that will teach you the basic writing process for most nonfiction books. Stop guessing what step comes next and know exactly when to bring in a professional editor and when to start design work. Join me in Finish that Book!, an online course for aspiring authors. Enrollment now: (Insert unique link)

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4 Steps to a Great Book Idea

Are you an expert in your industry and ready to expand your influence?

Then it’s time to write a book. In my experience, writing a book is the best way to share your message, expand your influence, and establish authority.

In just four easy steps, learn how to create or clarify a great book idea. Make today the day you stop talking about your book and start writing it. Get the free guide by my friend and book-writing expert Stacy Ennis here:

What will my book cost?

Writing and publishing a book is one of the best investments that you can make in your work and life. But how much will that investment cost, exactly?

In this guide, my friend and book-writing expert Stacy Ennis shares what it might cost to write, publish, and market a great book. Get the free guide here:
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