A little about me

I’m a bestselling author, speaker, and trainer who has spent most of my life absorbed in words. Over the last ten plus years in the publishing industry, I’ve written, coached, or edited dozens of books and had a hand in hundreds more, as well as served as the long-time ghostwriter for a Nobel Prize winner in medicine and as executive editor of a national magazine that reached around 11 million readers. I’m cofounder of Next Level Women Leaders, a training company that has trained leaders from Starbucks, The Boeing Company, Intuit, and more. My latest book, coauthored with Ron Price, is Growing Influence: A Story of how to lead with character, expertise, and impact.

One of the great joys I have in my work is seeing people experience the accomplishment of finishing a book and the new opportunities being a published author brings. I’ve watched clients grow their businesses and incomes exponentially, in large part because they finally finished their book.

I decided to create this program so more people could accomplish their goal of becoming an author without hitting the roadblocks that too often halt book projects. I wanted to be able to reach more people than I could working one-on-one with clients or teaching a single workshop. And even more so, I wanted to create a community of driven world changers ready to share their message with purpose and direction.

I would be honored to walk this journey with you. I look forward to seeing you on the inside of the Finish that book! course.

Are you ready to write that book? Let’s get to it.