Finish that Book!

Learn proven strategies to help you get your book finished—and written with excellence.

What is it?

Finish that book! is a book-writing planning and productivity course.

You want to write a book. It’s something you’ve dreamed about for years—a goal you know will elevate your career and significantly impact your life.

Unfortunately, your book keeps getting shoved further down your to-do list (if it even makes it on the list to begin with). Life is busy, work is hectic, and you have personal responsibilities that keep taking priority. But here’s the truth:

Work, kids, personal responsibilities, and a busy life aren’t the problem. What you lack is a system.

The solution? Finish that book!, an online course for aspiring authors (that’s you!).

In this course, you’ll learn the process I’ve used to write two to three books per year while maintaining my coaching and consulting work, contributing to my community, and raising two energetic children.

With the right tools, I’m confident you’ll be able to reach your goal of finishing your book—without throwing your life into total chaos.

Ready to master the book-writing process? Whether you’re a first-time writer or experienced author looking to improve your project, I hope you’ll join me in this course to help you finish that book!

The Impact

A book can change your business and your life

Your book doesn’t have to hit the national best-seller lists to make a profound impact on your life and business.

Donald Miller, New York Times best-selling author and founder of StoryBrand, credits his 34 page e-book, How to Tell a Story, as  the cornerstone in establishing himself as the expert in his industry.

That short e-book set his career in motion. Surprising right? He doesn’t credit his best-sellers or biggest moneymakers. Instead, he sees his short e-book as the number one thing that elevated him above the competition.

A high-quality book offers far more than money from book sales.
Here’s why.

In your business, a book has the potential to

  • Cut through the industry competition
  • Scale your business by reaching more people in less time
  • Attract higher-dollar client projects, which equals a higher income
  • Establish authority and trust with clients faster
  • Make strategic business connections
  • Impact the world with the message you are meant to share

It can also impact your life through

  • Satisfaction in achieving a life goal
  • Growth as an individual
  • Development of a new skill (writing a book) that will be useful for the rest of your life

How much is one client worth to you?

How much could a major partnership be worth to your business?

What if more people had access to your message? Could the world be a better place?

What if you could finish your book this year instead of two, five, or even ten years?

Join me in Finish that book! and learn a book-writing planning and productivity system. You’ll gain efficiency, direction, and the tools to achieve your goal.

I do have one important note, though. A poorly-written book won’t help you accomplish most of those goals. That’s why I’m here to rescue you from the hype of most courses out there, the ones that claim, “Become a best-seller in thirty days!” We’ll focus on excellence, because excellence is a solid foundation from which you can build a compelling brand, share an important message, and impact lives in the process.

What’s included

Here’s what you get when you Enroll in Finish that book! today


I won’t leave you asking the question, what next? Once you are inside the course, you’ll receive resources to make your book-writing process happier: a detailed course workbook that includes key points from each lesson, a book-writing checklist, publishing planning spreadsheet, and much more.


You’ll be added to the Finish that book! community. This is your opportunity to establish connections with other business leaders and world changers. If you get hung up on your project, this is where you get support—and offer support to others.

World-Class Training

Gain the skills and confidence to write a high-quality book by completing five training videos. This is the same content I take many of my one-on-one coaching clients through—and you get lifetime access to it for a fraction of the cost.

Companion Materials

You’ll also receive a chapter from my book, The Editor’s Eye, detailing the book-outlining process. Each lesson also has accompanying notes, resources, or activities.


Here’s a look inside the training modules

Lesson 1: Book Idea to Publication Overview

Learn a top-level overview of the book idea to publication overview, including a look at writing, editing, design, marketing, and more.

Lesson 2: The Book-Writing Process

Learn the basic writing process for most nonfiction books. This lesson includes a helpful graphic showing the entirety of a typical book-writing process, including when to bring in a professional editor.

Lesson 3: Working Writing into Your Life (Even if You're Busy)

Learn how to form a writing routine, create a writing space, and rally support from people in your life to help you accomplish your goal. This lesson also explores how to get past excuses to make time for writing.

Lesson 4: Getting Strategic: Creating a Book-Writing Plan

Learn how to set goals, create a writing schedule, and calendar out your writing plan to make it much more likely  you’ll finish your book. This lesson includes “book writing math,” a specific formula to plan your book-writing milestones.

Lesson 5: Wrapping Up—and Making It Happen!

Engage in a short final video that offers encouragement to get you moving in the direction of your dreams.

When you purchase the Finish that book! course, you get lifetime access, so you can go through the course for every book project you embark on. Plus, you’ll get bonus training videos, template updates, and additional resources as they’re added.

Is THIS COURSE right for me?

This is an important question to ask, because the program isn’t a good fit for everyone.

Who isn’t right for this program? This program isn’t for you if you’re

  • Looking for a fast-track, “write your book in 30 days!” program. Although a streamlined system creates faster results, this program is built around creating a quality, high-impact book. That takes more than 30 days (unless you’re the mystical author who can write a great book in that time-frame—and if you are, drop me a note, because I’d like to know you).
  • Content cutting corners as long as it results in a finished book. A book will have an incredible impact on your brand, but only if done with excellence. If you’re not committed to writing your best book, this course is not for you.
  • Unwilling to make sacrifices. While I’m not going to ask you to give up every second of your free time, this system will require you to make some short-term sacrifices for long-term gain. And hopefully you’ll have fun along the way, too.
  • Unwilling to jump on a learning curve. I get it—it’s difficult to implement a new system. But it’s the only way to grow both professionally and personally. This course will ask you to change things up because it will yield results. If technology intimidates you, don’t worry. I will always provide the resources or training to follow through on everything I teach you, as well as suggest low-tech options if you’re not excited about tackling technology.
  • Looking for a step-by-step book outlining course or a complete book-marketing plan. This course is focused on planning your book-writing process. However, I will provide you with a chapter on book outlining and direct you toward the resources I trust most for book marketing.

You’ll benefit from this program if any of the following apply to you

  • You’re an expert in your industry or on a topic
  • You plan on expanding your personal brand or company in the next year
  • You want to have a greater impact on the world
  • You have a message, story, or idea you think about constantly and feel compelled to share
  • You’re willing to invest in taking your platform and business to the next level
  • You plan on starting a book project in the next year
  • You’re willing to make the necessary time sacrifices and commit up to five hours a week to writing
  • You have a personal goal to write a book and are ready to make it happen

Still not sure if this is the right program for you?

Many people feel intimidated by committing to a project as big as writing a book. I’ve been there. Before I wrote my first book, the idea seemed daunting.

Now that I’ve written several books and have supported dozens of authors in writing their books, I know it’s all about planning and then making it happen.

Let me encourage you with this

  • You don’t need to be an excellent (or even a good) writer. That’s what an editor is for.
  • No one is perfect at managing their time or sticking to a schedule. I’ll give you tools to get back on track when life get complicated.
  • You won’t always feel motivated, and that’s OK! There is community of aspiring authors to provide motivation toward your goals and encouragement through writer’s block.
  • You don’t need to have an abundance of free time. Does anyone? We’ll talk about how to work highly focused time into your schedule.
  • You won’t be asked to follow a one-size fits all schedule. The system is designed to work around you!

The time is now. There will never magically be free space in your schedule to write your book. You need to make time. You need to make it happen. You need to finish that book.

No Risk Guarantee

30 day guarantee no risk

We offer a 30-day refund guarantee. However, because we strive to attract high-achievers who are committed to finishing their books, we ask to see proof that you’ve completed all of the course training and workbook activities, as well as implemented the system into your schedule. Questions? Get in touch with us at

What’s my investment?

I’ve worked with people who’ve spent decades thinking about writing a book. Don’t let that be your story. If it already is, commit to getting your book done today.

I’ll teach you a system that will empower you to finish your book and start receiving the benefits of authorship.

You don’t need to land a deal with a major publisher or wait for the stars to align to make your book happen. You need a system to get your book done.

Finish your book!
$197.00 one-time

Book coaching: $2,000
Community support (Facebook group): $350
Templates and resources: $750

Finish that book! Online Book-Writing Planning and Productivity Course